Welcome to Fairywood’s. Fairywood’s is a small kennel in the beautiful village Ulvenhout in the province Noord Brabant in the Netherlands. We live here in the middle of the forest and have a lovely lake approximately 10 minutes from here. Our dogs just love to go swimming there!

We got our first Labrador in 1973, during the years before our family had Dachshunds. Like many starting breeders the beginning wasn’t easy. But persistence wins, like it did for us. We have always strived to breed healthy and beautiful typical Labradors and that has resulted in many champions, most of them with our kennel name ‘Fairywood’s’. In the Netherlands we have had 12 Fairywood’s Champions at home , including  the ones abroad there are a few dozen.

‘Sasha’ has proven to be the true ‘Fairywoods’ ancestress. She has produced 3 litters without any health issue, with champions in every litter. She was a Chocolate bitch and the combination with ‘Wetherlam Nutcracker’ did draw attention to the chocolate Labradors in the Netherlands. Champions born from this combination are brother and sister ‘Fairywood’s Acer’ & ‘Fairywood’s Almighty Blitz’. Both have proven spread of chocolate Labradors in the Netherlands. This was in the early 1980′s.

This was the start or our wonderful kennel named Fairywood’s. In 2008 we sold our kennel, in 2011 we had the opportunity to restart. With the same love and passion as before.

Our puppies are all brought up with the greatest care and attention, all the parents of the puppies are checked up the important health problems. We want to breed puppies that have all qualities of a true Labrador.

Best regards,
Toos & Bert

Mambrinos WesleyFairywood's Lou-Lou

On April 7th, 2024 5 beautiful pups were born: 4 black (3 boys and 1 girl) and 1 yellow princess
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